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Member Rating: 9.19 Sledge - Date Added: Sunday, 07/28/2013
Hey guys! Today I get to do something very very special with Sledge. Can you guess what it is? ANAL! I don't do this too often and hardly ever with a big black dick. And Sledge has a very big black donger. It's going to be like a beer bottle in my ass. Oh you know what you guys, I do this thing at parties. When someone leaves the room, but leaves their still full beer bottle at the table, I stick it in my pussy. Then when they come back and drink it, I get totally turned on. They don't even know that they are tasting my pussy, but I do and I love it. So if you see me at a party, don't leave your beer bottle around me heheh. Anyway back to Sledge. I have to get his dick wet before he puts it in my ass. So I blow him for a while. He seems to like it a lot. But then I let him inside of my ass. It's very tight and he can barely get it in. Even after he put a plug in my ass to try and loosen me up. I loved every minute of this and I know you will too. XOXO - Katie

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Member west7**** Said:
he should have cumm inside her asshole

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