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Member Rating: 9.22 Shane Diesel - Date Added: Sunday, 04/22/2012
OMG you guys. Look who it is! SHANE DIESEL! Now my sister Spring loves Shane. You can tell when you watch her scenes. And what's not to love? He's tall, dark and has one of the biggest dicks in the world. I think some study was done, and Shane was in then top 5 in the world. Not only is his dick long, it's thick. Which makes it even better than most of the big dicks. When he gets inside of me, he fills every nook and cranny with black cock goodness. He just knows how to fuck me the way I like. And I think when you watch this scene, that you can see how much I really enjoy every minute of this. Shane Diesel is my savior! All praise Shane!!

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Member longj**** Said:
Brenda, you finally got to do the appointment with the huge black cock, and thickest. Do it this once and I know you'll like it a lot long, thick black dick. and I will set it up for you.

Member etter**** Said:
Is this from the late 70thies...???(!)

Member xpean**** Said:
Creampie! Maybe a little bush again? :)

Member bigbu**** Said:
Your site is one of the best. I sure hope you read this because as a member I have a request. Your original videos were you and some random dude. What I mean by random is a someone that is not an already established porn star. Those scenes are Fucking Hot!! One reason why is because as a black man, that is not in the business I could actually relate and get really hot to what he gets to do to you. If I wanted to see them guys fuck white girls I could rent any number of DVD's that they are in. Please go back to fucking the regular "Joes" if you need a volunteer pick me, or any other brotha that is not in the business. That is why me and other guys joined your site.

Member inter**** Said:
not a single creampie? booooooo!

Member easyg**** Said:
tongue punching the ol starfish. get some.

Member jockb**** Said:
Great vid because Shane treats her like a fucking slut -- which she is. Doesn't take long before Shane starts calling her a bitch and treating her like a cumdump. At the end when she started to act like she was in charge, Shane should've smacked her face, because he clearly owned this cunt.

Member papab**** Said:
We want a creampie!

Member Cream**** Said:
She is extrem hot but she takes no creampies!! Thats very disappointing...

Member elad4**** Said:
Pics 169 - 173 ... Katie shows Shane Brownsville!

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