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Hi fella's, how are you doing this week? I'm a little sad cuz one of my turtles has parasites I think...I'm not sure, I have an appointment to take him to the turtle doctor tomorrow. Anyways, enough about me and my turtle, I know all you dirty little pervs want to hear about my naughty doings with black men and have I got a REALLY naughty update this week. (he he) My friend Max stops over and gives me EXACTLY what I needed...his huge and beautiful black penis which I could not get enough of...just watch this scene and you will know EXACTLY what I mean...bye, see you all next week and I'll let you know what the turtle doctor says about my turtle. XOXO...Katie

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Member horny**** Said:
i hope one time katie goes pregnant from max...hes the best nigga

Member sn6xn**** Said:
If katie loves Black dick so much, why doesn't she let them cum in her?

Member nutit**** Said:
Just doing a quick calculation, isn't your next scene your 100th? Anything special planned or saved up?

Member sixst**** Said:
He is so comfortable and so endowed that it made me want to give up my white virginity to him. I could totally enjoy making a film with him. The pace, his endowment and patience. Girl, as you describe, you need two dicks. One for your mouth because you become very annoying. You need to have a dick down your throat to keep you gagging. YOU are NOT the director. You are the insatiable white girl slut. Stick to your fucking role!!

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