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Charlie Mac is here again. I really love his cock, but I have trouble talking to him because I don't understand him when he speaks Ebonics. LOL Charlie had some surprises for me. WHile I was fucking him, he had one of his buddies come to jizz in my mouth, then another friend, and another & another & anoteer. I lost track of how many loads I took in my mouth, but it was a LOT. Thank you Charlie! You're so sweet.

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Member thril**** Said:
Have them all cum in your pussy one after the other next time with no cleanup so that pussy gets dumped full of cum like its supposed to be.

Member tommy**** Said:
i love watching this slut take all those loads in that pretty litte white mouth!

Member dasha**** Said:
It was good but really you should of taken each of those loads in your pussy one after another.

Member bigmo**** Said:
Its great watching all those men use Katies mouth as a sperm receptical .

Member balro**** Said:
What (and Where?) is the episode from which is the (preview) picture above? It ain't from Load Dumpers - that is obvious.. I would like to have this scene too - Katie has (at the begining) white top and black under wear and 2 BCs fuck her on a couch... Why is this episode missing?

Member ENJOY**** Said:
this scene was great!!! listen i'm a black man whoever runs this site help me out!!! i'm trying be apart of this with katie

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