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Man, I have had a tough past week. People have been bugging me non stop lately. And when Byron came over to hang out, I was in a BAD MOOD. But Byron is so nice, he will do anything to cheer me up. And I do mean anything. So after I let him know what's going on in my head, he starts trying to make things better. And what better way than eating my pussy. It wasn't even my idea. He just starts going down and pleasing me with his extra long black tongue. I'm sure you all know that not only are black men well hung between their legs, they are also well hung between their teeth, hehehe. After a few licks, I am feeling much better. But then Byron pulls out his 11" monster dick and as soon as I saw that, my mood was WAY better. I knew I was going to get to fuck Byron and that would make my day. So this scene I dedicate to my sex slave Byron. You are the best, you know how to treat a BCS! XOXO - Katie

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Member longj**** Said:
Put me on my back and raise my legs and pull them over and force them back so that my ankles reach my ears!!!! apply a heavy amount of the KY Jelly on that 13 inch long,(6)SIX and a half inches in circumfrunce "THICK" "NIGGER" "SALAMI". Now firmly grab my legs at my knees, slowly pop that black bulb of a EBONY COCK HEAD and work it all deep in my ASS, BABY

Member longj**** Said:
Fuck him hard and deep Sandra F, You know like sucking the large black cock, then sit on it and let go the deepest, you black cock fucking slut. that's why I love you, dear.

Member Metal**** Said:
More anal please with better view of her torso while the cock goes in her anus

Member piper**** Said:
I sure as hell hope the title means that Byron Long is the stunt cock giving Katie anal. I do not want to see Byron Long take it.

Member longj**** Said:
Go, Gloria shove it deep and hard, all of those 14 inches long and 7 inch in circumfrance thick, bend over and engulf it, black cock absuser... then deep throat it and swallow.

Member longj**** Said:
Gloria, my wife just enjoys ENORMOUSLY LONG AND THICK (in circumfrance) black nigger cock deep in her anal cavity,then small pussy, and deep throating past her juggler and tonsils. So do her hard and nasty. Because eventually she'll beg for two or more of them.

Member longj**** Said:
fuck my wife gloria deep in the ass, please!!!!

Member longj**** Said:
bentover at a 45 degree angle, ass sticking out knees and legs spread wide. drop that sledge hammer, please wet it with ky jelly, cause long and thickest...

Member jVFhn**** Said:
Boring, Katie, boring. How about some creampie, you worthless whore.

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