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Member Rating: 8.95 The Nasty Gloryhole - Date Added: Sunday, 11/27/2011
So here were are again! This time I go to my favorite book store! The Adult Bookstore! Here, it doesn't matter your reading level or your education level. One thing matters. How perverted are you? I know I am a naughty little girl. That's for sure. So when I step inside this store, I feel right at home. There is a little room I rent out to watch some movies and get off. Room 3C. In room 3C there is a little hole in the wall, and sometimes a surprise comes through. If it's a white dick, I leave, but every now-and-then I get a black dick in that hole. When it's black, we roll the camera and I drop to my knees. It's a lot of fun. This time I got so horny, that I backed my ass up to the hole and did some fucking too. Now, if I only knew who was on the other side!

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Member footm**** Said:
she loves footjobs...she needs to do more of them for real

Member easyg**** Said:
I dunno if its watchin katie's ass come out of those jeans or what it is, but seeing her walk in and do the gloryhole was the shee-it. Beautiful ass scored 10.

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