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I love Ace. He's so funny. I came in on him looking through the phone book. He was having a hard time trying to find a number for a "black cock slut" in the big yellow book. He was in the right place... but the closest he found was black light. And he doesn't need one of those. In fact isn't that a double negative or something? Anyway I give him a few suggestions like escort or porn. But there's nothing there either. Ace thinks he finds the answer when he looks for "white sluts that suck black dick" but nothing was there either. But he wasn't being very smart because I was sitting right next to him. So he already had one of the biggest black cock sluts sitting right next to him. DUH! So after I bring this to his attention he is very happy. And you know I am happy. Anything that's big and black and that's a dick, I love. I show Ace how much I love his big black dick too. And he shows me how much he loved my tight little white pussy when he shoot a huge load of black seed all over my face. If you guys are looking in the phone book, look under the T section for Thomas and find me or Spring and we can take care of you. Only if you're black though. XOXO - Katie

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