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Happy New Year! I have made a resolution this year. No white weiners for me. I guess that's not too hard for me to do, cause I don't think I have had sex with a white guy in like 3 years. Yup, only dark meat for me. Wanna know why? It's longer, wider and just tastes better than white guys pee pee's. Plus it feels sooooo good. No wonder all my white friends are starting to date the brothers. You know what? I just changed my New Year's resolution. It will now be to convert as many of my white girl friends to become black cock sluts. Just like me!

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Member horny**** Said:
hot katie

Member train**** Said:
Yes, it's time for her to start taking in some interracial creampies.

Member sapli**** Said:
Yes we need Katie Thomas creampie scenes.

Member crash**** Said:
cute whore though.

Member batma**** Said:
why dont u guys get katie an mandingo 2gher he did her sister like 1000 times...

Member SirKu**** Said:
Katie Thomas is a hot bitch... But she doesn´t take any creampies... Please show us some creampie videos!!!

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